Resident Evil 8 leaks
Capcom has gotten fans dizzy with many remake news these recent months.
In their YouTube channel Residence of Evil published a video on January 28, detailing a series of leaked news.

Resident Evil 8 may bring back Ethan from RE7, along with the first-person view.
Major Resident Evil 8 leaks are spreading like wildfire.
The alleged Resident Evil 8 leak claims that the newest entry in the series, outside of remakes, is going back to the first-person perspective similar to Resident Evil 7.

Chris Redfield may return in the game as well.
Other interesting tidbits from these Resident Evil 8 rumors include the return of zombies, new wolf-like enemies, instead of the molded from RE7.
The environment will be rural, snowy, and mountainous; possibly Europe.
Another new addition may be a phantom female monster that stalks the player and can be diverted with attacks.

The New Resident Evil Could Be Part Of A Spin-Off Series
Finally, these RE8 rumors claim that the game may not use a numerical title.

In Resident Evil 7, the game feels disconnected from previous series.
A ghostly woman who follows the player and possible werewolves may be further signs of a spin-off series.

Release date of RE8 might be 2023 or 2024.
All of this information remains unconfirmed.

Date: 01-Feb-20