Super Nintendo World to launch in UnivesalStudios Japan
The Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan Osaka will be opening this summer season before the Olympics 2020 begins.
Together with Universal Studios Japan to celebrate the Nintendo's heritage with a state-of-the-art rides and interactive areas across a huge site.
Costing about $351 million.
It will come built with 16 main attractions that will be consisting of popular flag ship game titles that Nintendo owns.

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After this, they will open the opening other branches, in both universal parks Hollywood Orlando and in Singapore too!
Although Nintendo World main attractions will be focusing on Super Mario themed attractions when launched.
There are other probable main attractions that will be available when it's complete.
  1. Animal Crossing
  2. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - The Ride
  3. Donkey Kong Country
  4. Hyrule
  5. Kirby's Dream Land
  6. Mii Plaza
  7. Pokemon Kanto
  8. Yoshi's Island
  9. Luigi's Mansion
  10. MarioKart Speedway
  11. Metroid
  12. McCloud's
  13. Mushroom Kingdom
  14. Super Mario Galaxy
  15. Super Smash Bros. Coliseum
  16. Wario's Gold Mine
New Feature
The amusement will come with a Super Mario World Zone Map.
In the amusement park, visitors can become gamers by pairing themselves with their mobile app via a connection wrist band that they wear.
The UI for the mobile app will be a game screen that shows where you are.
The wrist band acts as a beacon, everyone to see each other in the game and where you are in the real world.
The band will be called Power up bands.
The amusement is like a simulation, allowing you to play a player into the game.
Date: 14-Jan-20