The Game Awards 2019 Results and Reactions
It's one of the most momentous event for the Game Awards 2019 with so many great game titles released this year.
With more than a hundred games up for nominations and more categories than last year.
For were many special appearances guest stars like Inumi Nakamura of (Ghostwire Tokyo), Vin Diesel, Nintendo CEO to announce the winners.
The fantastic musical band performance ignited the stage with opening of many new game titles.
The judging to determine who would be the winner with Death Stranding holding a record of 9 nominations was insurmountable.
There were also many preludes to exclusive game titles made the show worthwhile.
Check back later as we will add the videos, announcements of new game titles and holiday season promotions.
New Consoles
A big surprise came into the event with Playstation announcing their 1st new IP game for their new Playstation 5 console, "Godfall" which will be released in the holiday season of 2020.
Meaning it's also a leak into when PS5 will be launched!
Xbox came in with their new game console to be released for next year too, which is the Xbox scarlet project now with the official name Xbox Series X.

New Games
There were plenty of new games announced.
For a start, there is the announcement of a special screen appearance by the movie stars of Jumanji like Dawne Johonson(The Rock) and Jack Black that Jumanji will appear in the game "Dreams"!
Final Fantasy VII Remake teaser trailer updates show casing more parts of the game play.
New Oculus Rift S game: Path of the Warrior(Free game with purchase of Oculus Rift S).
Gears Tactics
Magic Legends
Weird West
Ori - Will of the Wisp
Apex Legends Holiday Bash(DLC for Christmas)
Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance
Naraka Bladepoint
Nine to Five
Theros Beyond Death
Warframe Empyrean
Bravely Default II
Godfall (PS5)
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II
No More Heroes III
League of Legends Ruined King (Single player game)
Wolf Amongst Us 2
Fast & Furious Cross Roads

A new game for PS5: GodFall

The Winners!
One of the most competitive event of the season has arrived with anxious award winning contenders holding on to their seats as they announce the winners.
There was a special live stage conversation with a live VR stream of a virtual person(human actor) who was in a 3D world from the new Apex Legends, for the new season game promo to talk with the host Geoff Keighley.

Special Appearances
There was a special reveal trailer which ended with a live orchestra band behind the screen that was showcasing the exclusive trailer for Ghost of Tsushima.
Phil Spencer CEO of Microsoft Xbox also made an appearance to announce the new Xbox Project Scarlett console, which is now officially called "Xbox Series X".

Best Community Support

Best Score & Music

Best eSports Team
G2 Esports

Best eSports Host

Best eSports Player

Best Fighting Game

Best Action Game

Best Audio Design

Best Strategy Game

Content Creator of the Year

Best Art Direction of the Year
CONTROL (505 games)

Best Family Game
Luigi's Mansion 3 (Nintendo)

Best Sports/Racing Game

Esports Game of the Year
League of Legends (Riot games)

Best Mobile Game

Best Multi-player Game

Best Ongoing Game

Best AR/VR Game

Best Performance
Mads Mikkelsen

Best Narrative, Fresh Indie Game, Best Independent Game, and Best Role Playing Game

Games for Impact

Best Game Direction
Death Stranding (Kojima Productions)
Hideo Kojima receives the best game direction for his 1st independent game after 4 years of devotion.

Game of the Year 2019
Sekiro managed to get a surprise win in this highly esteemed award, swooping in 2 awards, also winning the Best Action Adventure Game!
The game director Hidetaki Miyazaki made appearance for the award and said that it was a big challenge for the new game and they weren't sure if they got it right before the launch.
Luckily for the support of the fans, they managed to succeed.
Lastly he thanked the support of everyone playing the game.

Many gamers and fans of Death Stranding had hoped for the game to win.
When the result was announced for GOTY, it shocked many fans and supporters.
Some even went on to break their Death Stranding disc and displayed it on their social media page.
It must have been nerve wreaking to receive such a news when the game had been highly rated and mentioned over the social media platforms.

Date: 13-Dec-19