The World's Best Game Cosplayers 2019
From various parts of the world, the inaugural cosplay events has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to see some of the most exciting and most amazing costumes that sometimes requires good acting as well to pull off the stellar performance together.
From Japan to Europe to USA, there is no doubt a tough choice as many of them are spent thousands of dollars to dedicated hundreds of hours to create their costumes.

Best of Game Cosplayers 2019
Featuring game character from Borderlands, Nier Automata, FFVII, FFX, FFX2, FFXV, Fallout, Mario Tennis, Death Stranding, Metroid, League of Legends, Street Fighter, Overwatch, Attack on Titan, Bioshock, Destiny and more...

Best of 2019 Game Cosplayers Part 2
Hundreds of game cosplayers from all over the world shows off their talent in making costumes that make them look like they came out of the game or is almost movie production quality!

Best of Game Cosplayers 2019 Part 3
The final part of game cosplayers that have performed very well with their costumes.
Street Fighter, Halo, Just Dance, Destiny, Legend of Zelda, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, Dragonball, Metal Gear Solid, Recore, Heroes of the Storm, The Witcher, Nier Automata, Recore

Date: 27-Sep-19