What to play for Lunar New Year in 2020
Ushering the Lunar New Year of 2020 in a new decade, our hopes and expectations of great games to be released this year is so much more than what had been made in the yesteryear.
And what better way to quench your thirst while you are waiting for these awesome games is to enjoy some festive games to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

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GameMove would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Gaming Lunar New Year!

Great Festive Games to Play for 2020

The Age of Empire II Lunar New Year event!
Playable from 21 Jan till 4th February 2020.

Overwatch - Lunar New Year event

Overcooked - 2 Lunar New Year update

Where to Spend Your Ang Bao?
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Date: 23-Jan-20