Xbox Game Pass Early Season Updates for 2020
Celebrate The Sims 20th Birthday, discounted games at up to 75%, get into the Bleeding Edge Open Beta, PSO2 online beta, and check out the new Xbox Game Pass games and many more.

Welcome to the week on Xbox, this season, covering the latest launches, exclusive interviews, lets you know about upcoming sales, and up to speed on the newest trailers.

Note: Content availability may vary by region

Here are the list of latest games with updates and are available on the Xbox Game Pass owners.
Zombie Army 4: DeadWar is out now. New upgradable weapons

The game originates from the Netflix original series of Dark Crystals explores the story of the gaftling resistence.

Monster Energy Drink Super Cross III
New co-op experience includes free-roam mode.
Join official teams of real life motorcross players in career mode.

Mortal Realms Vampire Wars - Put you in charge of vampires and rule the dark world.

Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC for just $1 now!
So get the FFXV is the absolutely good deal.

Wolfenstein: Young Blood for Xbox and PC avaliable now.

Scourge Bringer - brand new indie platform action slasher game is out now.

Wargroove Double Trouble - DLC for free.

Upcoming title - Bleeding Edge, signup to get updates for when it's released.

Xbox Game Quests - now you can gain rewards and track your rewards for completing xbox game pass games!

Dead by Daylight special edition is free to play!
Surviving Mars and more!

Battlefield V - Into the Jungle - just out now.
Deep jungle battle with US and Japan collides.

FIFA20 - Massive rating boosts

Apex Legend Season 4 - New Cyborg Legend character "Revenant", rifle weapon sentinel.

PvZ Battle for Neighbourville, Valenbrain festival, legendary upgrades, new takeover map

Fallout 76 Wastelanders - Free expansion adds brand new main quests, human npcs, new creatures, higher tier gear, all new reputation system.

Vigor season 2 - brand new battle pass.

Azure Lane - collaboration in world of warship legends, collect unique commanders, various British cruisers like the atago cruiser, hipper cruiser.

WWE2k20 - new DLC southpaw regional wrestling.

Season Sale
Sims 20th birthday - tiny living path let's you built homes that saves room. Expansion up to 75% off!

Metro Exodus, Agents of Mayhem, Saints Row, Dead Island, Kingdom Come Deliverance all up to 75% off.

Phantasy Star Online 2 beta available now for limited players only.

Date: 10-Feb-20