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By GameMove 23-Jan-20
Ushering the Lunar New Year of 2020 in a new decade, our hopes and expectations of great games to be released this year is so much more than what had been made in the yesteryear.
And what better way to quench your thirst while you are waiting for these awesome games is to enjoy some festive games to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Curious to know what is your Animal Zodiac for this year? Head on down to this app that we've specially built with 3 years of R&D to match your data to the World's most accurate dating system.

GameMove would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Gaming Lunar New Year!

By GameMove 14-Jan-20
2 new Pokemon games have been announced by Nintendo Direct.
Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX and the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass!


Explore two new areas in the Galar region with the Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass or the Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass.
The contents will be released as follows
The Isle of Armor – Available June 2020
The Crown Tundra – Available fall 2020

If you buy the Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass or Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass, you will get two special in-game uniforms.

By GameMove 14-Jan-20
The Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan Osaka will be opening this summer season before the Olympics 2020 begins.
Together with Universal Studios Japan to celebrate the Nintendo's heritage with a state-of-the-art rides and interactive areas across a huge site.
Costing about $351 million.
It will come built with 16 main attractions that will be consisting of popular flag ship game titles that Nintendo owns.

MTV: We are Born to Play by Galantis and CharliXCX

After this, they will open the opening other branches, in both universal parks Hollywood Orlando and in Singapore too!
By GameMove 10-Jan-20
With thousands of Playstation game titles released from PS3 to PS4, it's a really tough call to pick amongst the cream of the crop from so many games.
But nevertheless, we've taken to task this mountainous task to determine the contenders.
The Games of the Decade + Playstation list is out and we'll be adding more consoles/platform.


The Playstation list of Games of the Decade is as below.
In top 10 ranking order.

By GameMove 04-Jan-20
The most awaited Award-Winning games for 2019 are finally out!
There's been an incredible amount of wonderful games released in 2019, out of the hundreds of games, we've finally derived the answer to what is the best out there.
It is near impossible to give an award to all genres and categories as the number of categories and genres have expanded vastly over the past decade!
Nevertheless, we've collated categories to encompass most games.
Here is the outcome from the finalist of the nominated games.

Game of the Year

Astral Chain also wins Best Adventure game!
By GameMove 19-Dec-19
The PS4 Dual Shock Controller just got a new upgrade, that comes with 2 shocking features!
It's sleek, with two programmable and highly tactile back buttons, that allows you to utilize more of your hand to shorten your response time and gives you more flexibility in competitive gameplay.

Much like the Xbox Elite 2 controller(US$179.99) which offers similar buttons at the back for more functionality.
While the Xbox Elite 2 controller is much more superior in terms of functionality, this extra feature in PS4 controller does make competitive gaming more effective once you get used to them.


Price: US$29.99
Region: US and Canada 
Release: 23 January 2020
Supports: All PS4 consoles

By GameMove 18-Dec-19
Thanks for every gamers participation in our first giveaway Award!
The results are finally out, please check who are the winners here.
Curated from the best games from the top games released this year and after reviewing over hundreds of games regardless of platform and console!
And now is your chance to like and win for your favorite games!
Rating your favorite games will stand to increase the chance of the game winning!

Just register and like for the game, it's that simple!
The highest rated game will be considered as the Game of the Year 2019!


Closing Date for entries: 4th Jan 2020(Extended due to holiday season)
Announcement of winning games will be revealed on same day!
By GameMove 13-Dec-19
Microsoft announces the code named project Scarlett console to millions of viewers worldwide to their new console.
Xbox Series X is the descendent to Xbox One X.
For eighteen years and three console generations, the Xbox community has shown us the power both games and fun can have on all of us.
In a new generation of gaming, a future where we're instantly absorbed in your games - where worlds are even more lifelike, immersive, responsive and surprising - and where you are at the center of your gaming experience. With the new Xbox Series X, we will realize that vision. 
Power Your Dreams with Xbox Series X, Available Holiday 2020


Release: Holiday 2020
Price: TBC
Developer: Microsoft
Hardware Specs: Supports up to 4k at 120fps, and 60fps at 8K resolution.
CPU: Zen 2
Storage: next-gen SSD
Shaders: VRS patent

By GameMove 13-Dec-19
It's one of the most momentous event for the Game Awards 2019 with so many great game titles released this year.
With more than a hundred games up for nominations and more categories than last year.
For were many special appearances guest stars like Inumi Nakamura of (Ghostwire Tokyo), Vin Diesel, Nintendo CEO to announce the winners.
The fantastic musical band performance ignited the stage with opening of many new game titles.
The judging to determine who would be the winner with Death Stranding holding a record of 9 nominations was insurmountable.
There were also many preludes to exclusive game titles made the show worthwhile.
Check back later as we will add the videos, announcements of new game titles and holiday season promotions.
By GameMove 12-Dec-19
GameMove celebrated it's 8th anniversary by giving gamers a chance to vote for their favorite game!
Gears 5 has won the Users' Choice Award!
The game on our site have been added with an Award badge for being the favorite Users' Choice for the year 2019 on GameMove!
We have given out 2 games to the user's who voted for the game with the most votes!
Closing date as extended to 24 Dec 2019.