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By GameMove 13-Feb-20
Wondering what to play this Valentine's Day with your loved ones or just feeling you want to play with your friends?
Here's the perfect antidote for any Valentine's day.
We've got some top favorite choice of games for people who already have their strings attached or just lovesick can get to play these event games.

By GameMove 10-Feb-20
Celebrate The Sims 20th Birthday, discounted games at up to 75%, get into the Bleeding Edge Open Beta, PSO2 online beta, and check out the new Xbox Game Pass games and many more.

Welcome to the week on Xbox, this season, covering the latest launches, exclusive interviews, lets you know about upcoming sales, and up to speed on the newest trailers.


Note: Content availability may vary by region

By GameMove 07-Feb-20
GeForce Now is the brand used by Nvidia for its cloud gaming service.
The Nvidia Shield version of GeForce Now, formerly known as NVIDIA GRID, launched in beta in 2013.

From massive wins to epic fails, all your best in-game moments are automatically saved with NVIDIA Highlights and easily shared with the world.
With over 30 of the biggest free to play games already on GeForce NOW, you won’t need to make a single purchase to start playing today.

At only $5 per month, you get to stream games on your Android devices and PC.


What will be the strategy Google Stadia will take to bring confidence back to their gamers?
By GameMove 03-Feb-20
A YouTuber just turned a dream into reality by turning his Nintendo Switch Joycons literally into the GameCube controllers!
A simple idea that gamers had always wished for a custom joycon, but was never on the to do list for Nintendo.
So hoping to bring his ideas into fruition, he took to task in this arduous mission.
The basic idea is simple, take the original GameCube WaveBird controller shells and split them into half.
The rail attachments scavenged from original Joy-Cons were added on using customized 3D printed components, along with modifications to the triggers and thumbsticks to accommodate modern controller innovations like clickable joysticks.
He also had to drill holes to add additional buttons for the plus, minus, home, and screenshot buttons required by the Switch.

Modder: Shank

By GameMove 01-Feb-20
Capcom has gotten fans dizzy with many remake news these recent months.
In their YouTube channel Residence of Evil published a video on January 28, detailing a series of leaked news.


Resident Evil 8 may bring back Ethan from RE7, along with the first-person view.
Major Resident Evil 8 leaks are spreading like wildfire.
The alleged Resident Evil 8 leak claims that the newest entry in the series, outside of remakes, is going back to the first-person perspective similar to Resident Evil 7.

By GameMove 23-Jan-20
Ushering the Lunar New Year of 2020 in a new decade, our hopes and expectations of great games to be released this year is so much more than what had been made in the yesteryear.
And what better way to quench your thirst while you are waiting for these awesome games is to enjoy some festive games to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Curious to know what is your Animal Zodiac for this year? Head on down to this app that we've specially built with 3 years of R&D to match your data to the World's most accurate dating system.

GameMove would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Gaming Lunar New Year!

By GameMove 14-Jan-20
2 new Pokemon games have been announced by Nintendo Direct.
Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX and the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass!


Explore two new areas in the Galar region with the Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass or the Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass.
The contents will be released as follows
The Isle of Armor - Available June 2020
The Crown Tundra - Available fall 2020

If you buy the Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass or Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass, you will get two special in-game uniforms.

By GameMove 14-Jan-20
The Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan Osaka will be opening this summer season before the Olympics 2020 begins.
Together with Universal Studios Japan to celebrate the Nintendo's heritage with a state-of-the-art rides and interactive areas across a huge site.
Costing about $351 million.
It will come built with 16 main attractions that will be consisting of popular flag ship game titles that Nintendo owns.

MTV: We are Born to Play by Galantis and CharliXCX

After this, they will open the opening other branches, in both universal parks Hollywood Orlando and in Singapore too!
By GameMove 10-Jan-20
With thousands of Playstation game titles released from PS3 to PS4, it's a really tough call to pick amongst the cream of the crop from so many games.
But nevertheless, we've taken to task this mountainous task to determine the contenders.
The Games of the Decade + Playstation list is out and we'll be adding more consoles/platform.


The Playstation list of Games of the Decade is as below.
In top 10 ranking order.

By GameMove 04-Jan-20
The most awaited Award-Winning games for 2019 are finally out!
There's been an incredible amount of wonderful games released in 2019, out of the hundreds of games, we've finally derived the answer to what is the best out there.
It is near impossible to give an award to all genres and categories as the number of categories and genres have expanded vastly over the past decade!
Nevertheless, we've collated categories to encompass most games.
Here is the outcome from the finalist of the nominated games.

Game of the Year

Astral Chain also wins Best Adventure game!