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By GameMove 05-Apr-15
If you have not tried any adventure games from the east, this game will give you a reason to. As it currently tops the Apple iTunes mobile game for chinese game.
With over 8 million players currently.
This MMORPG game is about fulfilling your fantasy quest to become a superhero.
Adapted from the popular PC game Fantasy Westward Journe II.

The story is about apprentices of the 3 realms fight against Chi You for Tang Dynasty’s peace, and it also refers to the stories of the 5 characters that went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures.

Release: Oct 2018
Price: Free (In-App-Purchase)
Platform: AndroidiOS
Developer: NetEase Games
PublisherNetEase Games
Language: Simplified Chinese
Player: Multiplayer online

By GameMove 11-Feb-16
Asura Online is the most ambitious MMORPG game developed by Tencent to date.
Featuring many characters based on the legendary Deities in Chinese Legend Journey to The West.
It will be bound to attract people who are fans of Wu Kong and new gamers looking for a fresh take in the MMO scene.
The game sets in the world hundreds of years later after the Journey to the West story.
Heroes are born in this troubled times to pursuit for ideals in a new era to seek for truths whilst in the reign of a dark lord, controlled by powerful sorcery and monsters.
You play as a hero that can collaborate with other players online to fight menacing battles and unfold the truth to break free the shackles from the Gods and learn about the Buddha powers.
While the game is still in beta, you can get to play this free MMO game with your friends and experience the rich and beautiful world of ancient china and how interesting the story unfolds to the players.

Released: 18 Aug 2016
Developer: Tencent Quantum Studio
Publisher: Tencent
Platform: PC
Players: Multiplayer online
Language: Chinese
By GameMove 12-May-17
Heroes Evolved is an ambitious cross platform game that you can play it in almost any platform.
Supporting wide choice of devices such as Windows(Steam), iOS or Android device, the convenience to bring your game anywhere is there.
There are various modes of game play too, you can opt to solo(with bots), with your friends or just random players online. There's never a season to feel lonely in this game.
As a free-to-play 3D MOBA, it bears similarities in game play from League of Legends and Dota 2.
Based on fantasy themed heroes and LoL stylized graphics. With myriad of heroes to choose and a friendly narrative tutorial making it an easy reach for newcomers to this game.

Note: Windows version is no longer available.

Price: Free (In-app purchase)
Genre: MOBA
Release: 23 Jan 2017
Publisher: R2
Developer: R2
Device: Desktop PC, Mobile Phone and Tablet
Platform: Windows (Steam), Android, iOS

By GameMove 09-Apr-18
The epic Wu Xia MMORPG game about Martial Arts has a remake that showcases lots of exhilarating visuals and game play enhancements compared to the 1st version.
Touted as the World of Warcraft (WoW) in the China market, it has won the hearts of other Asia players as well.
The game greatly enhances the terrain vegetation rendering, scene light effects and SpeedTree and other engine effects.
Focusing on the traditional Chinese cultures such as poetry, song and dance, silk, guqin, drinking culture, tea art, and qin instrumental music.
The element is integrated into the game and presents the player with a magnificent and magnificent Datang world.
The enhanced ACT engine (physics engine) this game (Jian Wang 3) offers rich and detailed graphics and improved game effects.

Price: Free to Play
Released: 30 September 2010
Developer: Kingsoft Software Xishanju and Jinshan 
Engine: Crystal Tools
Publishers: Seasun Holdings Ltd
Platform: Playstation 4, Windows(Steam)
Designer: Akihiko Yoshida, Hiromichi Tanaka, Nobuaki Komoto

By GameMove 18-May-17

Sdorica Sunset features accents of rich storytelling, polished animations, and impressive skill powers.
After 2 years of dedication the game is ready to deliver a hybrid between classic turn based strategies with fairytale graphics, bringing refreshing gameplay experience to anticipating players.
Follow dozens of unique characters as they step into the past, present and future history of the story.
This game is so artistically done that it has brought much hype for the awaiting fans.

Price: Free to play(In-app-purchase)
Release: 5 Sep 2017
Genre: Action Adventure
Developer: Rayark|
Publisher: Rayark International Limited
Platform: Android, iOS

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